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Farming and the meat trade have been in the Grega family for over 150 years.  Going back 5 generations to our farm in Slovakia in the 1860’s.  My great, great grandparents were butchers on a small farm in Slovakia.  My Great Grandfather Zada, born in 1897, was a butcher and a carpenter.  My Great Grandmother Baba, born in 1901, would help Zada butcher meats as well.  Zada came to America in 1923 to Michigan to continue as a butcher and a carpenter in the “Promised Land.”

Please come on in and enjoy 5 generations of experience in this industry complimented by the perfect selection of music.  We look forward to serving you just as well as we have been serving others for 150+ years.


The Reverend Paddy Danks
Founder- Danky’s Bar-B-Q

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We have a wide variety of signature sandwiches, big dank plates, desserts including our from scratch apple pie, and the best bbq ribs in town.

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